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Salam  Sale commodity 

Like istisna, Salam is another sale structure where certain commodity is transacted before coming into existence. In Salam, seller undertakes to supply certain commodity in future...


Istisna - Build / Manufacture

  • Istisna, in Arabic, means to build, develops or manufacture.
  • Istisna is adopted to purchase the construction of building, and manufacturing of vessels, aircrafts, etc.`
  • Istisna can also be used for setting up green-field industrial projects.
  • Islamic bank agrees to build asset / project as per a given description and enters into istisna contract with client. Here, Islamic bank is sani or seller and client is mustasni or buyer.
  • Title to "Described Asset " is passed to the client upon entering into istisna contract.
  • Contrary to general perception, to fix does not require a separate contract to be signed for transfer of title upon completion and delivery of the istisna asset to the client.
  • Price, payment terms and specifications are agreed between client and Islamic bank in the istisna contract.
  • Price may be paid in cash or in phases, as job progresses.
  • Client ( buyer ) is obliged to take delivery of the asset upon completion.
  • An Islamic bank will have complied with its obligations under istisna contract if the asset is completed according to agreed specifications and the client ( buyer ) will be obliged to receive the asset as per contract.
  • Client can claim damages if the asset has not been developed as per agreed specifications and client want to fix the shortfalls.
  • To avoid such risk, Islamic bank may seek the client to choose the contractor to whom Islamic bank will award the work under a parallel istisna contract. This also provides satisfaction to the client as to the competence of the contractor.
  • When an Islamic bank enters into a parallel istisna contract with the client’s selected contractor, the terms of the main istisna contract are mirrored in the parallel istisna contract.
  • Nevertheless, both istisna contracts are considered totally independent of each other in the eyes of sharia.
  • Although title to described istisna asset is passed to purchaser upon signing the contract, purchaser does not assume any ownership risks till delivery of completed asset by the seller.
  • This is to protect the interest of the purchaser and is as per sharia principles.