Certainly, only a financial system with such noble values can keep at bay any economic adversity in a society, and is bound to create equal opportunities towards...


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Salam  Sale commodity 

Like istisna, Salam is another sale structure where certain commodity is transacted before coming into existence. In Salam, seller undertakes to supply certain commodity in future...


General Development Bank Founders

Dr. Malki Abdelilah

Chairman of the Board of General Development Bank and Chairman of "Best Group" which includes 34 global companies in Europe, Canada, North America, Latin American, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Dr Malki has been Executive member and member of 62 Organization and Non-governmental Associations working in human development, the family, the child, consumer protection, the patents, unemployment, and environment.

He got several international awards in the professional and research field and general development, including gold medal for best development project in the world.

Dr. Malki got Honorary Doctorate for twelve research in general humanitarian development in its various components.

Working on the nomination of the best education project in the world with a large group of universities and global professional research bodies, as that education is the basic rule for general development.

He has also 63 patents in agriculture, industry and alternative medicine, green energy, environmental alternatives and other. Founder of commodity exchange system between States and corporations (barter) to curb prices, De-monopolization which devastating economies of the countries.

Founder of the self-sufficiency system. Founder of the rationalization of the consumption system and hop foreign balance of payments to less than 40 %. Founder of equitable wealth distribution system to eliminate injustice stratification. Founder of the reduction of unemployment, training and rehabilitation and activating Human Resources Development by new ways.

Founder of the theory of future cooperative banking system and its effective contribution to economic growth and of new systems in instruments and investment safeguards and new materials and alternatives of traditional systems. Founder of modern system to handle with gold coin and its tools and electronic foreign exchange to rid financial system of monetary self-intimating waste and based on harmful political stampede for nations economics. Founder of modern systems aim to bring technology and resettlement it in developing countries.

Dr. Hussain Hamed Hassan

Dr. Hussain, Sharia Scholars of General Development Bank, did his PhD in the Faculty of Sharia from Al Azhar University, Egypt, Masters in Comparative Jurisprudence from University of New York, USA and graduated in Law and Economics from University of Cairo, Egypt. In a long professional career, spanning over half a century, he has been a prominent scholar and teacher of universal dimensions, having established Islamic universities and Islamic faculties in various parts of the world including, Makkah, Islamabad, Kazakhstan and Libya.

He has been Advisor to the Presidents of various Islamic Republics and most recently prepared the Islamic banking law for Kazakhstan, an advisor to Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, President of the Islamic Conference of the Muslim World and General Secretary of the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hussain is also the President of the United States Muslim Jurists Association.

Dr. Hussain is Chairman, Sharia Supervisory Board of several Islamic financial Institutions including Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Ajman Bank, Amlak Finance, Tamweel PJSC, National Bonds Corporation, Liquidity Management Centre, AMAN Takaful Company, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank and others besides being core member of the Sharia Board of Islamic Development Bank and AAOIFI.

 Dr Hussain has supervised conversion of several conventional financial institutions into Islamic ones, besides converting Dubai Financial Market (DFM) as the world’s first Islamic stock exchange. He has given many landmark structures to the industry, including World's 1st: Convertible and Multiclass Sukuk, Currency and Rate Swaps, to name a couple.

He has also supervised translation of Holy Quran into Russian language and 200 other Islamic books into different languages. He himself is the author of 21 books and over 400 extensive articles and frequently presides over Islamic academic & financial conferences, seminars and workshops in different parts of the globe.


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